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About us

Design Team is a Textile design company focusing on the creation of contemporary textiles and products inspired by Africa. We embrace the fact that we are part of the African continent and do not limit ourselves to the cultures and elements of Southern Africa. We recognise the uniqueness and global relevance and new found appreciation of Africa as a creative force with great wealth of cultural and craft tradition.

Each of our designs tell a story and has been created through a process of research and inspiration, working together in ranges and colour palettes that are on trend but authentic. We have a contemporary style with Scandinavian design principles of simplicity and clean but eye-catching design. Our iconic and easily recognisable designs are the focus of our ranges rather than unnecessary additions of trim and complicated product structures. Our designs speak for themselves.

Design Team is an ACCESSIBLE Designer brand – we are not pretentious, glamorous, over-the-top or ego driven. Our designs are not “ethnic” but rather draws on African inspiration with a contemporary interpretation.

Our products are refined and not “home-made”, which speaks to finishes, quality of materials used and the technical level of design.

Every element of our designs and products are considered and planned.

We love working with natural fibres such as cotton and linen blends and place massive emphasis on quality and attention to detail. Unique colour palettes and colour combinations have become a trademark of our designs and the use of under stated, but clever “pop” colours add an element of fun to our designs.

We strive to offer a “designer”, quality  product at reasonable prices as we believe everyone should be able to enjoy and collect well designed products. Our designs, although striking, can easily be layered and older designs work well with newer designs.

The element of story-telling through design is key to the longevity of our designs and we trust that our customers will create their own lifestyle stories through the use of our products in their homes. We often see our customers build Design Team “collections” over the years and their passion for the product is visible in the way they share images of their homes.

Design Team is a lifestyle brand and we can expand our ranges to all areas of daily life where textiles are used – accessories, kitchen, bathroom, outdoor, entertaining, etc.

When we select display features or styling elements we make use of clean and simple styles. Natural elements such as wood and rattan compliments our colour palette and also speaks to the mostly nature inspired themes of our designs. White and black Scandinavian style furniture presents well with our patterns. Our styling is clean and simple – no ornate elements. We use basic white backdrops to emphasise the patterns and create a sense of calm in spite of the business of the pattern and colour intensity.

Our target market is mostly female, aged between 25 – 55 with a general appreciation of a good “lifestyle” experience. House proud, health conscious, up to date with trends through IG and PINTEREST, enjoys and appreciates socialising around craft drinks and coffee. Selective when purchasing – will rather buy less but exactly what they want. Supports local design and local brands.

We love brining in an element of fun, and we never take ourselves or our designs too serious. The best reward is when customers view our designs and smile.

Key elements:

  • Contemporary
  • Afro-scandi (simplicity)
  • Colour selection
  • Technically correct – well designed patterns
  • Quality print and product make-up
  • Each element is considered/attention to detail
  • Service driven (brand followers)
  • Lifestyle – items that are beautiful but useable

It is our intention for the client to take ownership of the their JOURNEY to aquiring their product. The journey begins with an exciting website that best shows off our products and is simple to use. This must include an easy to use payment method. The next step of the journey involves the delivery of the product highlighted by information sent regularly to client regarding parcel manufacture, dispatch eta of arrival and actual arrival. The parcel is to arrive packaged in a manner that makes the client feel unique and special. Thereafter a follow up communication should be sent to gauge the clients level of satisfaction. The final stage of the journey will hopefully be feedback from the client involving images of the product in their home. The intention is to encourage the client to partake in another JOURNEY with us.

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