Senegal Grey Pot Grabbers and Spice Fathers Day Special

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Pot Grabber Senegal Grey Set of 2 

A handy pot grabber set of 2

100% Printed Cotton outer and binding with a fire retardant foam inside.


Machine washable

500g #Braai Spice

Ready to go braai spice. It doesn’t matter if you are an expert braai master or just trying to impress the father-in-law, this #Braai Spice covers both situations. Make sure to add these greens to your meat. Don’t want to be unhealthy do you?

500g BBG Chicken Spice

Never forget about your chicken skins again. Frying? Baking? Braaiing? A dash or a dunking of this blend is undoubtedly unforgettable. Once you dig in there will be a battle to stop. A fight for the last piece and a lingering taste worth making again.

500g Flame Grill

With a particular savoury base created by a blend of fine herbs, this concoction is so simple and versatile.  Flourishing on your red meats this bad boy is a delight on some baked potatoes or even whipped into some mash.



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