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  • Mbuti </br> Prime CB Navy on Parchment

Prime CB Navy on Parchment

R 395.00 /meter

The Mbuti Pygmy tribe live in the Ituri forest in North East Congo. Bark cloth is traditionally worn and made by women to wrap their new born babies in. Using the inner bark of at least six tree species, it is pounded flat with an elephant tusk or wooden mallet, yielding a fibrous canvas, then softened with water or breast milk and the patterns are drawn on with a finger or twig with black colour from the gardenia plant. These patterns are abstract expressions of the moods and features of the forest.

Please note limited stock is available on this print.

Please note that our fabrics are digitally printed and that minimal colour variations may occur between stock batches, a 5% colour variation is acceptable and within industry standard. Colours seen on screen are not always accurate as all screens are not colour calibrated.

Our fabrics are printed on 100% cotton or cotton blend base fabrics and similar to any natural fabric will fade over time when exposed to direct sunlight.

Our standard delivery time is 7-10 working days.

Please contact sales@designteamfabrics.co.za with any further queries. 

100% Cotton

Suitable for Upholstery/Curtaining/softs

Cold Machine Wash


32cm(v) x 30,3cm(h)

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