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New Horizon

“When you buy something made by a person,
there is something special there, and you do feel it.
The consciousness with which a thing is made
is often more important than the thing itself.”
J. Donald Walters
Our New Horizon fabric design is all about the process - rather than focussing only on the
end product. We still print our fabrics by hand, using flatbed silkscreens and hand mixed
pastes. When we print our fabrics we use off-cut fabrics to lay between two different runs
and as they are re-used the most beautiful, unintentional over-prints are created. We started using these over prints in a selected range of products and found this to be a wonderful way of recycling what would otherwise become beautiful waste. As commercial designers it made us think that we live in a world where even design has become wasteful. We keep on creating new designs, “consume" them for a while and then move on swiftly as the trend or season changes.
The New Horizon fabric design shows how existing designs and the concept of re-use can result in a brand new and beautiful design without making any new designs or screens. We truly believe that this is where the magic happens, creating HEARTFELT fabrics rather than adding to the noise of bulk production and wasteful design.
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