Bring botanicals into your home

Bring botanicals into your home

I have always been just a little obsessed with plants – even as a little girl I contemplated becoming a botanist. Plants have so many wonderful attributes and as a designer, they have become my primary source of inspiration.

Most of our designs are simple line drawings of indigenous flowers and plants with sensitivity to the botanical structure, scale and natural growth. Sometimes we will draw inspiration from a leaf or flower and create an abstract version, which becomes more pattern than realistic rendering. The design possibilities are endless when you open yourself to careful observation of plants.


Plants provide us with an incredible colour palette with seasonal changes to foliage and unexpected colour combinations between stem, to leaf and flowers. With global changes in weather conditions, we have seen a renewed interest in indigenous and succulent species that is water-wise and drought resistant in South Africa. 

Not only are we looking at our gardens in a new way but we are also bringing more plants into our homes. Botanical reference in décor elements is a trend that is here to stay. Plants do not only enhance the look of a room but is also good for our health and the ultimate feel-good element in any interior!

A few suggestions for displaying your plants in a unique way:

  • use beautiful hand carved wooden vessels to create a natural look that adds warmth
  • create small plant collections where several plants are grouped together on a table or shelf, make use of glass domes and a variety of pots
  • small terrariums have become popular and make for a lovely conversation piece when having guests
  • start using indoor plants rather than buying expensive cut flowers that do not last long – move your plants around your home to change the look of a specific room. It is very satisfying seeing your plants go through seasonal changes and an unexpected blossom popping out is an enormous reward!
  • When entertaining, use collections of plants as part of your table setting and have guests take small potted plants home as a gift
  • Cover your pots with fabric holders for a patterned effect

We have been so inspired by the variety of plants and the beauty of them all, that we are creating a new range of fabrics called “Modern Botanicals”. We can’t wait to share our designer “green fingers” with you . . . . . . . giving you a fabric option to bring your botanicals indoors!

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